Life is a flame that is always off, but regains sparkle whenever a child is born. George Bernard Shaw

Starting from the premise that the education of children “is the best gift that you can acquire the man” (Plato) and their happiness “consists primarily in health” (George William Curtis), multicultural Foundation shall proposed project “Color aisle”, whose beneficiary is under the Department of Pediatric Emergency County Hospital Arad.

The aim of our project is to depict a smile on his face clear of the little ones aged 0 to 3 years, suffering from various illnesses that require hospitalization for treatment and continuous surveillance, and helping accompanying them, ensuring an optimum and that bring a touch of joy their stay in hospital, in terms of conditions and facilities and in terms of ambiance.

Currently, Section Pediatric provides medical services absolutely vital to children in distress, but likely not receive accreditation from public authorities whereas in terms of standards, conditions and existing facilities endanger the health and safety of children, accompanying them and staff .

In this regard, our objective is cleaning, making repairs and replacement of existing facilities within this department until August 31, 2015, as well as cheerful and welcoming ambience creation by painting the walls in colorful and attractive images for babies. Estimated total value of the works is 79.800 EUR, of which construction works 29.830 EUR and 49.970 EUR amenities.

Donate for smiles

You too can contribute to the development of Romanian society and brings the ASEM some smiles on the faces of little children by investing in the health of future generations. Your help and support will be rewarded by countless lives saved and improved the little ones who depend on care provided by the Department of Paediatrics I UGent Arad County Hospital.

Update: In early May 2015, we completed the first phase of the project, renovating the 1st floor of the pediatric wards of the Arad County Hospital. Lack of funds led to the temporary shutdown of work and will continue the renovation project with ground floor facilities including medical equipment, furniture, etc.