“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much”


Saturday, 3rd of June “Children’s Olympics” took place, an event organized by MultiCultural Foundation in partnership with Asociația Casa cu Lacăt and Direcția Generală de Asistență și Protecția Copilului, for children from Complexul de Servicii Sociale Ineu.

This project was born out of the desire to support the 45 children of the Ineu Social Service Complex and to bring a smile on their face by organizing an event with them and for them.

All those who were there, along with the children, had a great experience, full of magic, games, sports races and soap bubbles, during a wonderful sunny day.

At the end of the event, all athletes were appropriately awarded with diplomas and medals, and children received the long awaited gifts – sports articles for a gaming summer vacation.

We thank our partners, Asociația Casa cu Lacăt, DGASPC and Complexul de Servicii Sociale Ineu for their involvement and support, we have shown that we are stronger together.

Thanks to CrossArad who was the main coordinator of sports games through Radian Carp Sports Instructor, animating all activities through his positive energy.

Thanks to Bulevard Print for your support for personalized materials, you are a professional and socially involved team.

Thanks to Cosmin Micoară for the wonderful photos, surprising the thousands of words that would have been needed to describe this event dedicated to the children of the Ineu Social Services Complex.