I am what I am because of what we all are.

There is a common bond between us all through this link, through our interaction with our peers, we find our own human qualities.

The objectives of the Foundation is derived from principles that guide our work and meeting areas where we believe there need to involve or that our contribution would be beneficial. These are:

1. Environmental protection

These programs include notably the organization of information and awareness actions on environmental protection, responsible consumption, resource regeneration and specific actions consisting of planting trees and urban gardens, recycling and sanitation actions and the like.

2. Social integration

Social integration programs are addressed mainly to children and young people from disadvantaged social structures which have difficulties in social integration, such as institutionalized children, young inmates and others.

3. Wellness

These programs aim to improve health and adopt a healthy lifestyle by providing consultations and workshops, providing subscriptions to sports facilities, organization of sports competitions and more.

4. Intercultural Communication

These programs aim to promote the idea of ​​multiculturalism and the need for unity of humanity by eliminating prejudices of any kind. These programs will organize exchanges of experience between youth events on cultural themes, artistic, humanitarian, volunteer activities, cultural diversity and the like.

5. Training and access to education

These programs involve conducting training courses and vocational counseling, access to education, especially of children and young people with potential but with low material possibilities.

6. Personal development of members

These programs address all aspects of human well-being, both professionally and in terms of personnel, aiming to increase the capacity to live life at a higher potential, and include programs for team-building programs personal growth and “self-empowerment” trips, seminars and workshops in the field of personal development, improving communication, interpersonal relations and others.